Expo Milan 2015 Brancaleone da Romana


Expo Milan 2015

Eataly Pavilion – 1st May – 31st October 2015


At the Eataly Pavilion, in the museum exhibition space, Sardinia is represented by works of Brancaleone Cugusi da Romana, Giuseppe Biasi, Francesco Ciusa, Mario Sironi, Costantino Nivola. A space that offers a wide selection of works of art from the fourteenth to the last century, where the masterpieces displayed are divided into regional sections that tell “The Treasure of Italy” by Vittorio Sgarbi.

Works by Brancaleone Cugusi da Romana: Giovane con l'impermeabile (1940-1941)

Among the more significant Italian works, selected and exhibited in Milan for the Expo 2015, you can admire the works of Brancaleone Cugusi da Romana “Giovane con l’impermeabile” (1940-1941). Oil painting on canvas 175×95 cm., technique “full paste” and support of the grid.

The art critic Vittorio Sgarbi said: ┬źNo painter, not even Caravaggio has painted shadows like Cugusi┬╗.